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The Pandemic challenged us to adapt how we work, play and educate our children. School districts became agile and quickly adapted to new methods of teaching. Homes became centers for work, play and education. Now that students have returned to classrooms, the education community must provide needed support for the whole child as we emerge from the pandemic.

  • Fiscal responsibility  – With increased general education funding from the state, PVSD will be making critical budgeting decisions for the long-term benefit of the students.  Patty has the knowledge and experience to make these decisions.
  • Provide additional support for school sites and classrooms – PVSD must provide continued support to teachers, students and school site personnel as we work through the difficulties caused by the pandemic. Patty understands the challenges faced by our education community and the need for continued assistance.
  • Promote an atmosphere of high-responsiveness and engaging stakeholders in the decision-making process – PVSD gathers community input through a variety of volunteer opportunities including surveys, School Site Councils, the LCAP Committee, DELAC, Roundtable and Citizen’s Oversight Committees. Patty will continue to promote transparency and engaging the community in the decision-making process.
  • Offer alternate forms of education – Families have a variety of education options available for their children through PVSD including traditional TK-5, TK-8 magnet schools, comprehensive middle schools and online learning for TK-12. Patty believes the future of quality education includes a variety of education opportunities to meet the needs of a diverse community.
  • Advocate for Education – Patty has been advocating for education for nearly three decades. Improving our children’s education is why Patty is running for Trustee.

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