Leaders Trust Patty

“Patty Lerner is a trusted and experienced PVSD Board member. She brings years of commitment from starting as a volunteer, PTA/President, financial advisory committee and now on the Board. Her genuine support for the children and parents of the community is exemplary. She has my full support!”

Kathy Long – Ventura County Supervisor (Ret.)

“Patty Lerner has demonstrated her commitment to our community and more importantly to the children of our community for many years.  She has the proven experience, commitment, and compassion to help lead our schools into the future.  Please join me in supporting Patty Lerner for Pleasant Valley School Board.”

Geoff Dean – Ventura County Sheriff (Ret.)

“In addition to being a PVSD parent, Patty has served our community as a PVSD volunteer, PTA President, PVSD Citizens Oversight Committee Chair, and a Board Trustee. Patty’s thorough knowledge of PVSD, her experience, and her dedication to putting PVSD pupils first make her the best candidate.”

Tony Trembley – Camarillo Council Member, District 4

“In the nearly 20 years I have known her, Patty has never brought any political party agenda to any of the multitude of volunteer positions she has served in for the district. Most recently, she came to the district in an hour of tremendous turmoil when one of our board members suddenly passed away. She was able to get back on the board and was instrumental in maintaining the stability and functionality of the board. I encourage all of us to do what is best for children and cast our vote for Patty Lerner”

Ron Speakman – Trustee, Pleasant Valley School District

“Please join me in supporting  Patty Lerner for Pleasant Valley School District Trustee for the remaining 2 years of her at-large seat. Patty is a crucial piece of our high-functioning board: she is very bright, unafraid of making tough decisions, and brings a wealth of directly useful experience, having been both a board member previously, and also having served on the Citizens’ Oversight Committee which has monitored the school district’s use of Measure C funds. The district is just getting over COVID, we are facing enrollment challenges and a continued need for experienced educators. There are a lot of projects that are ongoing that require real, capable and experienced trustees.  Patty is the best person to help with all this.  Please vote for Patty Lerner for PV School board on November 8th.”

Bob Rust – Trustee, Pleasant Valley School District

“In the many years that I have known and observed Patty Lerner in her roles as a volunteer, PTA leader and PVSD Trustee, she has always demonstrated her ability to address current issues with a look to the future.  She listens, does her homework, and carefully considers all issues.  She recently stepped in when a tragic vacancy occurred on the Board and was immediately up to speed and able to contribute to the Board’s mission.  Please join me in supporting Patty for the PVSD Board of Trustees.

Rosemary Allison – Community Leader